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Red House  -  Chef: Dan McCowan

Guyanese Salt Fish & Plantain

Ingredients:  shallots, garlic, lime, plantain, salt cod, unseasoned water, sweet peppers (red & Yellow), tomato, ginger, spices, broad-leaf thyme, tomato paste, cherry tomatoes (red, yellow, and green), cilantro, herbs

Beverage: Guyanese Sorrel Rum Punch

Ingredients:  orange juice, sorrel (hibiscus flowers), tea base, spice syrup (demerara sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves & El Dorado rum), ginger beer (Fever Tree), ice, orange wedges

Contact Info:  The Red House: 30 William St W, Waterloo - (226) 647-4687

Chef Dan McCowan.jpg

Chef Dan McCowan

Guyanese Salt Fish and Plaintain.jpg

Guyanese Salt Cod and Plantain

Guyanese Sorrel Rum Punch.jpg

Mixologist Ainsley Szvitak  Guyanese Rum Sorrel Punch

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