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Muya Restaurant  -  Chef: Wendessen Weldegiorgis

“Injera” (Ethiopia)

Ingredients: Teff flour, Rice flour, Barley flour, Wheat Flour, Water

“Cha-Cha” (Ethiopia)

Ingredients: beef, onions, garlic, black pepper, berbere sauce, lentils, shiro powder, green peppers

Contact Info: 215 Highland Rd W, Kitchener, ON N2M 3C1

(519) 208-8588

thumbnail_Wendessen Weldegiorgis, left, and Berhana Maserahta.jpg

Chef Wendessen Weldegiorgis (left) and Berhana Maserahta

thumbnail_Dish of cha cha beef with peppers, onions and spices.jpg

Dish of cha-cha beef with peppers, onions and spices

thumbnail_Cha cha and injera with hot sauce and powder.jpg

Cha-cha and injera with hot sauce and powder

thumbnail_Maserahta at the stove in Muya kitchen.jpg

Maserahta at the stove in the Muya kitchen

The making of injera at Muya Restaurant

Manager Ainsley Szvitak - Red House

Contact Info: 30 William St W, Waterloo, ON N2L 1J4 - (226) 647-4687

thumbnail_Ainsley Szvitak,  Daiene Vernile & Uptown Sour.jpg

Manager Ainsley Szvitak (left), Daiene Vernile (right) with Uptown Sour

thumbnail_NE1 Gin.jpg

NE1 Gin and Uptown Sour

“Uptown Sour” 

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