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Dinner by Derek  -  Chef: Derek Hines

“Goat Jollof Rice” (Nigeria via Jamaica)

For Ingredients and the full recipe click here

Contact Info: 145 Dearborn Pl, Waterloo, ON


Eddie Ameh The Yam Seller.jpg

Eddie Ameh, The Yam Seller

Torched Goat.jpg

Torched Goat

thumbnail_The Yam Seller, Victoria St., Kitchener.jpg

The Yam Seller, Victoria St., Kitchener

Daiene Vernile & Eddie Ameh.jpg

Daiene Vernile (right) and Eddie Ameh (left)

Store Manager Eddie Ameh - The Yam Seller

"All about "torched" goat (Ghana)"

Contact Info: 1031 Victoria St. N, Kitchener, ON -  (226) 748-8378

thumbnail_Derek Hines & Andrew Coppolino.jpg

Derek Hines (left) and Andrew Coppolino (right)

Goat Jollof Rice.jpg

Goat Jollof Rice


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