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Exotica (The Sandwich & Wrap Bar)  -  Chef: Fleurette Coates & Nikhil Ninan

“Beef  'Frankie'  Wrap” (India - Mumbai (Bombay))

Ingredients: tortilla wrap, beef, egg, cheese, mayo, red onion, coloured peppers, cilantro, dipping sauce (aioli & lime & cilantro)

Contact Info: 130 Columbia St W #813, Waterloo, ON N2L 0G6 - (226) 476-1779

thumbnail_Exotica co-owners Fleurette Coates, left, and Nikhil Ninan.jpg

Chefs Fleurette Coates (left) and Nikhil Ninan (right)

thumbnail_Beef Frankie pocket.jpg

Beef "Frankie" Wrap

thumbnail_Frankie pocket with salad and dipping sauces.jpg

Frankie wrap with salad and dipping sauces

Managing Partner Doha Amine - OMA Fresh Foods

"Halal Meats"

Contact Info: 200 Highland Rd. W., Kitchener, ON

thumbnail_OMA Fresh Foods, Kitchener, Doha Amine & Daiene  Vernile.jpg

Doha Amine (left) and Daiene Vernile (right)

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