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Big Jerk Smokehouse  -  Chef: Kevin Thomas

“Jerk Chicken Curry” (Jamaica)

Ingredients: allspice, cinnamon, bouquet garni (thyme), chicken thighs/drumsticks, turmeric, black pepper, jerk seasoning (just a little) salt, cumin, curry, chopped onions & ginger. Serve with rice and peas (beans) in roti shell. Sides of plantain and coleslaw.

Contact Info: 70 Dumart Pl #3, Kitchener, ON N2K 3C7 - (519) 590-5375


thumbnail_With Kevin Thomas.jpg

Andrew Coppolino (left) with Chef Kevin Thomas (right)

thumbnail_An assortment of chicken curry, rice, fried plantain and roti.jpg

Jerk Chicken Curry

thumbnail_Thomas with smoking equipment outside his commercial catering kitchen.jpg

Chef Kevin Thomas with smoking equipment outside his commercial catering kitchen

thumbnail_Thomas plating.jpg

Chef Thomas plating

thumbnail_Chicken curry.jpg

Jerk Chicken Curry in the pot

Co-owner Carmine Caccioppoli - Vincenzo's

"One of the Largest Cheese Counters in the Region"

Contact Info: 150 Caroline St S, Waterloo, ON N2L 0A5 - (519) 741-1437

thumbnail_Vincenzo's, Waterloo, Carmine Caccioppoli & Daiene Vernile.jpg

Carmine Caccioppoli (left) and Daiene Vernile (right)

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